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Beyond the Past: New Music for Extinct Instruments (2005)
Earshot: Voice and Vision (2002)
Electrons and Phonons 2008
John Cage's Songbooks (2005)
Olympia Experimental Music Festival (2001)
Seattle Improvised Music Festival (2002)
Seattle Poetry Festival (2002)
Toneburst (2007)
War and Peace (2003)
Alex Keller has performed or had works performed at the following other venues and festivals:

All the Transients
Arts-In-Nature Festival
Center for Contemporary Arts
Electromuse 2
Experience Music Project
In the Eye of the Ear
Investigations Into the Physical and Metaphorical Hole
Loop Dreams
Meet the Sonicabal!
Nights of the Blue Rider
Nonsequitur's Short Circuits
Phoenix Festival
Seattle Art Museum
Sonicabal ArtsEdge Showcase
SoundCulture 96
The Show-off Gallery
The Sonic Circuits Music Festival of Toronto (1995)
ThomFariCraw's Loft Series (2003)
Waveforms: currents in sonic art
Yeast by Sweet Beast 2008