Rosy hours projected (2008)

I was asked to contribute a piece for the Five Point None surround sound show at the Church of the Friendly Ghost, curated by Bob Bechtol. Some of the work I've done over the last few years has involved taking recordings of very brief bits of melody and making them quite a bit longer through digital manipulation.

Rosy hours projected was one such piece. I took a little fragment of Miles Davis' rendition of Prayer (Oh Doctor Jesus) from Porgy and Bess and made it quite a bit longer. Three boom boxes played this fragment back from opposite corners in the front room at Salvage Vanguard Theater. They were gently synchronized, but also meant to lose synchronization slowly over time.

In the middle of the room I had an aquarium filled with water, which I carefully coiled a red LED rope light into. The effect was subtle, but beautiful.

This recording (unfortunately lost in the archive) is not actual documentation of the installation itself, but uses a version of the source recordings manipulated with SoundHack's binaural filter so that, especially over headphones, the listener can here the placement of the sound sources in the room.